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The Travelers: Book Two (Pendragon: Before the War, #2) pdf books
Title:The Travelers: Book Two (Pendragon: Before the War, #2)
Format Type:eBook PDF / e-Pub
Number of Pages:233

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Before Bobby Pendragon Before Saint Dane Before the war Every territory of Halla has a Traveler They lived for years some even for decades before learning of their true destiny What was life like for Bobby Pendragon s fellow Travelers before they joined him in the fight to save every time and place that has ever existed What led up to their becoming the guardians of Halla The answers are here In this first of three thrilling Pendragon prequels read about Vo Spader s death defying adventures in the underwater world of Cloral Gunny Van Dyke s race to find a murderer in s Manhattan on First Earth and the tough challenges Kasha faced on Eelong well before Bobby Pendragon arrived The Travelers: Book Two (Pendragon: Before the War, #2) books by Walter Sorrells, D.J. MacHale

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