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Artesia: Adventures in the Known World pdf books
Title:Artesia: Adventures in the Known World
Format Type:eBook PDF / e-Pub
Number of Pages:352

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The Known World

The Known World

One of the most acclaimed novels in recent memory i The Known World i is a daring and ambitious work by Pulitzer Prize winner Edward P Jones br br i The Known World i tells the story of Henry Townsend a black farmer and former slave who falls under the tutelage of William Robbins the most powerful man in Manchester County Virginia Making certain he never circumvents the law Townsend runs his affairs with unusual discipline But when death takes him unexpectedly his widow Caldonia can t uphold the estate s order and chaos ensues Jones has woven a footnote of history into an epic that takes an unflinching look at slavery in all its moral complexities

The John McPhee Reader (John McPhee Reader, #1)

The John McPhee Reader John McPhee Reader

i The John McPhee Reader i first published in is comprised of selections from the author s first twelve books In John McPhee published his first book i A Sense of Where You Are i a decade later he had published eleven others His fertility his precision and grace as a stylist his wit and uncanny brilliance in choosing subject matter his crack storytelling skills have made him into one of our best writers a journalist whom L E Sissman ranked with Liebling and Mencken who Geoffrey Wolff said is bringing his work to levels that have no measurable limit who has been called a master craftsman so many times that it is pointless to number them

Uncommon Carriers

Uncommon Carriers

b What John McPhee s books all have in common is that they are about real people in real places Here at his adventurous best he is out and about with people who work in freight transportation b br br br Over the past eight years John McPhee has spent considerable time in the company of people who work in freight transportation i Uncommon Carriers i is his sketchbook of them and of his journeys with them He rides from Atlanta to Tacoma alongside Don Ainsworth owner and operator of a sixty five foot br eighteen wheel chemical tanker carrying hazmats McPhee attends ship handling school on a pond in the foothills of the French Alps where for a tuition of a week skippers of the largest ocean ships refine their capabilities in twenty foot scale models He goes up the tight assed Illinois River on a br towboat pushing a triple string of barges the overall vessel being a good deal longer than the i Titanic i And he travels by canoe up the canal and lock commercial waterways traveled by Henry David Thoreau and his brother John br in a homemade skiff in br br i Uncommon Carriers i is classic work by McPhee in prose distinguished as always by its author s warm humor keen insight and rich sense of human character

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The award winning graphic novel Artesia comes to life in the Adventures in the Known World RPG using a modified and easy to use Fuzion based roleplaying system to plunge players into the strife riven realms of the Known World from the Warring Citadels of the Daragjan Highlands to the never ending feud between the Sun Court of Illia and the Phoenix Court of the Empire of Thessid Gola Includes an expansive adaptation of R Talsorian Games LifePath character generation system including birth omens star signs and divine and heroic lineages and rules for talents and abilities accessible to characters through the Arcana the Tarot like system representing the Known World s archetypal paths of power and the foundation of an unique system of experience allowing game rewards for virtually all types of character actions Artesia: Adventures in the Known World books by Mark Smylie

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