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Read online Twilight streaming Twilight A Southern gothic novel about an undertaker who won t let the dead rest .

Suspecting that something is amiss with their father s burial teenager Kenneth Tyler and his sister Corrie venture to his gravesite and make a horrific discovery their father a whiskey bootlegger was not actually buried in the casket they bought for him Worse they learn that the undertaker Fenton Breece has been grotesquely manipulating the dead .

Armed with incriminating photographs Tyler becomes obsessed with bringing the perverse undertaker to justice But first he must outrun Granville Sutter a local strongman and convicted murderer hired by Fenton to destroy the evidence What follows is an adventure through the Harrikin an eerie backwoods filled with tangled roads rusted machinery and eccentric squatters old men witches and families among them who both shield and imperil Tyler as he runs for safety .

With his poetic haunting prose William Gay rewrites the rules of the gothic fairy tale while exploring the classic Southern themes of good and evil

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