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Title:Returning to Reims
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Author:Didier Eribon, George Chauncey, Michael Lucey
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Category:Non fiction, Sociology, Politics, Biography, France, Memoir

Returning to Reims by Didier Eribon, George Chauncey, Michael Lucey

PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, DOC Returning to Reims On thinking the matter through it doesn t seem exaggerated to assert that my coming out of the sexual closet my desire to assume and assert my homosexuality coincided within my personal trajectory with my shutting myself up inside what I might call a class closet from Returning to Reims .

After his father dies Didier Eribon returns to his hometown of Reims and rediscovers the working class world he had left behind thirty years earlier For years Eribon had thought of his father largely in terms of the latter s intolerable homophobia Yet his father s death provokes new reflection on Eribon s part about how multiple processes of domination intersect in a given life and in a given culture Eribon sets out to investigate his past the history of his family and the trajectory of his own life His story weaves together a set of remarkable reflections on the class system in France on the role of the educational system in class identity on the way both class and sexual identities are formed and on the recent history of French politics including the shifting voting patterns of the working classes reflected by Eribon s own family which changed its allegiance from the Communist Party to the National Front .

Returning to Reims is a remarkable book of sociological inquiry and critical theory of interest to anyone concerned with the direction of leftist politics in the contemporary world and to anyone who has ever experienced how sexual identity can clash with other parts of one s identity A huge success in France since its initial publication in Returning to Reims received enthusiastic reviews in Le Monde Liberation L Express Les Inrockuptibles and elsewhere

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